January 1, 2022

When this card is pulled, all players must touch three limbs to the same surface (wall or floor). The last person to do so has to drink.

Custom Rule

March 25, 2018

Fill in the blank with a house rule.


July 12, 2017

Stand on one foot until your next turn, or take one drink.

Vagina Game

December 2, 2016

Replace one word in a movie title with the word Vagina. Example – Harry Potter and the Philosophers Vagina. The first person who cannot name one drinks, and the turn ends.

Troll Card

The person who draws this card has to continue play from the floor, under the table (like a troll under a bridge), until the next Troll card is pulled.

Heads or Tails

January 17, 2016

Flip a coin. If it’s Heads, take a drink. If it’s Tails, give someone else a drink.

Suck and Blow

August 28, 2015

Take this card and suck it to your lips. Without using your hands, turn and pass the card to the player on your left and blow it on to their lips. Continue to pass the card around the circle until … Read More »

Jack of all trades

When this card is drawn (traditionally the Jack), the players on either side of you must agree on a task/dare for you to complete.

Tramp Stamp

Choose a player on either your left or right and draw a tattoo on their lower back.

House Rule

August 25, 2015

Fill in the blank with a rule of your very own.